Objectives: This Fund’s caters for investors that seek enhanced yields for an additional level of risk in their portfolio.  The Fund invests in capital protected instruments.

Benchmark: 182-day Treasury Bill yield rate.

Universe: This Fund affords the opportunity to invest in a wide range of debt securities such as commercial paper and debentures, and corporate bonds as well as other interest-bearing financial instruments that will be available on the market.

Fees and Costs: We constantly strive to offer a level of service to our clients that far exceeds other alternative offerings whilst consciously keeping costs as low as possible. All costs and charges are agreed at the outset with our clients and are clearly described and completely transparent. Fees are reviewed annually to ensure they are competitive and offer superior value for money.

Annual Management Fee: The annual management fee is charged monthly in arrears, equal to a fixed percentage of the fund value per annum. The annual Management Fee is 3%.

Benefits of Investing in the Madison Microfinance Fund

·        Alternative asset class: The service offers professional management of client investments with an aim to deliver consistent return with an eye on risk.

·        Performance: Currently yields obtaining in our Madison Microfinance Fund are better than what one would get from a bank deposit.

It acts as a good hedge against inflation by generating real growth in the fund to avoid capital erosion.