A Unit Trust is a Collective Investment Scheme that aims to provide investors with an opportunity to ride on the critical mass of a pool of investment resources to gain access to capital and money market funds. The Madison Unit Trust provides a suitable investment avenue for retail and institutional investors that wish to access various funds in pursuit of diversification and enhanced returns.

Benefits of Investing in Madison Unit Trust?

Diversification: Madison Unit Trust offers products which range from higher short term return funds to long term capital growth funds. By investing in a wide range of assets Madison Unit Trust enables an investor access to a broad spread of listed shares and other securities without needing specific stock market, property market international /money market knowledge and expertise.

Professional Fund Management: Madison Unit Trust funds are managed by professional managers with the expertise, experience, technical and fundamental analysis information as well as the time that would ordinarily not be available an individual investor thereby enhancing the potential for high returns and long term capital growth. 

Flexibility: Madison Unit Trust funds allow your units to be sold and the proceeds made available within a relatively short period of time.

Dedicated Manager: A dedicated manager is available to help clients carefully understand their goals and obtain advice on the right product mix, the manager will bestow personalized service and ensure that clients receive periodic updates and account performance reports.

Convenience: Our services relieve clients from all the administrative inconveniences of managing internally their own investments.

Safety of Your Investment: Because we understand how important your investment is to you our Unit Trusts have been designed to offer you higher than average returns at lower than average risk.

Regulation: Madison Unit Trust funds are approved and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Note: It is important to understand that the value of units may go up as well as down depending on the market conditions.